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Whether it's about managing one or more vehicles, we'll handle it! Is the goal of rewriting, naturalizing, withdrawing a vehicle from circulation, or putting it into circulation, or solving problems related to vehicle documents? Trust us, we'll help!

Electronic surfaces

The use of electronic interfaces and programs developed by the state is not always smooth, and a little help would often be useful. We can help you solve problems on these interfaces remotely or even in person!

Social affairs

The system of social benefits available to the state is a labyrinth, if you will. Whether it is a request for Childcare fee/baby-care allowance/maternity benefit, we will guide you through the maze so that you can get the support/care you want as soon as possible!

Personal documents

Residential address card, EU health insurance card, official ID card with tax identification number, parking card, passport, ID card, driver's license, student ID card... and we could list almost endlessly. If you need help in requesting, exchanging, or replacing any of your documents, see our information about what we can do for you!

Educational matters

Replacement of a lost certificate or recognition of a diploma obtained abroad, perhaps you need an official certificate of a certificate/diploma obtained in Hungary, or is it even possible that you want to localize your language test obtained abroad? If the current legislation allows, we will solve it for you!

Public utility administration

Have you sold or bought a property? Of course, in these cases, the rewriting of utilities must be taken into account, as this is a legal obligation. If you don't want to spend hours or even days with service providers, feel free to entrust the task to us, we'll take care of it!

Archival assistant

If you run a business or even a company, you must have experienced that a lot of documents can quickly accumulate. We know the solution! We categorize your documents and prepare a filing plan for your company. We are here to help you quickly in your archives!

Affairs of the National Food Chain Safety Office

Did you have tasks at the National Food Chain Safety Authority? Did you have an obligation to report in connection with a specific activity? Feel free to contact us, we are at your adjustment!

Hungarian State Treasury

We can help you with a webkincstár or mobilkincstár application. Maybe you had something to do with your securities account? Don't worry, if the current legislation allows it, we will act for you!

Land Office Administration

An authentic title deed or a copy of a map is often required. We take over the burden of the land registry administration from you. Maybe you have a case pending at the office? Don't worry, we'll help you find out and solve it!

Registry affairs

Do you need a birth certificate extract? Or perhaps a death certificate extract? We'll take care of it; entrust us with the paperwork!


Didn't find the right category for you? Our experienced consultants are at your disposal!

Citizenship Affairs

As a foreign citizen, we help you navigate the applications for obtaining Hungarian citizenship. Trust the private official!

And these are just a few groups of cases we deal with!

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Our team is experienced in issues affecting public administration. With our experience and expertise, we know exactly how to effectively navigate the bureaucracy.